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The Hardest Games to Master

Pure luck isn’t going to cut it if you want to get the most out of playing at big sites like Paddy Power casino. If all you’re after is some fun with the possibility of leaving with a bit of extra cash then luck might see you through. But, if you’re playing to win, then you need to get your head around the probabilities involved and the optimum way to play. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a break down of four of the most popular games in order of difficulty when it comes to mastering them!

4. Slots

Slots is probably the easiest casino game to start with but it’s incredibly difficult to master, possibly just flat out impossible. While the mechanism for play is easy (you drop a token in the slot, the reels spin and if you’re lucky you might win) developing a strategy that helps tip the odds in your favour is extremely difficult. The closest thing to a reliable method is to approach a progressive slot when its close to paying out, although this is difficult to ascertain. When the total is suitably high then the return on your tokens is better than if you started from the beginning.

3. Craps

While it’s not exactly a complex game, Craps can be quite difficult to fully understand because of the various betting options available. Essentially, the game is placing a bet on one of two outcomes, either pass or don’t pass but you can place different bets once the point is established. This complex system of betting can be difficult to fully grasp; between the pass and don’t pass bets, the come and don’t come bets, the single rolls, the multi-rolls and the variety of odds that come with all of these. While Craps is easy to start, it’s definitely tricky to get your head around all the different bets.

2. Blackjack

In terms of calculations, Blackjack is one of the better-known games for being demanding of its player. With proper play and a firm grasp of the basic strategy, you can shave the odds down to give you an excellent chance of winning your money back. While craps is complex because of the variety of bets on offer, Blackjack instead demands your total attention to absolutely master the game. While it’s frowned upon, card counting is a vital skill to claim you’ve truly mastered the game.

1. Poker

It's debatable whether Poker can ever truly be mastered because of the nature of the game. While you can get the maths behind the hands and the probability, the psychology of your fellow players is what makes this game so difficult to master. Simply playing Poker is only half the battle, playing against opponents who are doing their best to read you and hide their own plans. Since every game will be different depending on who’s playing, you need to be good at maths, good at reading people and lucky too. If you don’t consider the psychology of bluffing and tells as a core part of the game then Poker is probably easier to master than Blackjack but if you do, then it’s most definitely the hardest.

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