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What is the first thing that attracts hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world to online casinos, apart from the obvious comfort of these gambling houses? Of course, all types of bonuses available: bonuses, valuable prizes and gifts ... in general, all that an online casino can do to lift the spirits of its customers. What are the bonuses that can be found in online casinos?


The most common type of bonus that can be found in practically any online casino and poker room, starting with the "shark" of the online gambling house, such as Poker, and ending with smaller online casinos, is the bonus for recharging account. For newbies, this type of bonus is especially attractive since it is the first time they have decided to risk real money in an online gambling house. The essence of this bonus system is very simple: by registering on the page of an online casino and reloading your account for the first time, you receive a certain amount as a gift. It can be a fixed amount or a percentage of your first recharge, and it is posted to your account after the first recharge. Depending on the online casino in question, the amount of the bonus can reach several hundred dollars.

A similar bonus is to compensate the player for the cost of reloading their account at the online casino. As is known, most forms of account recharge include a commission, for example, when reloading the online casino account by SMS, the mobile operator remains a certain percentage paid by the user. In some online casinos there is a good habit of compensating those commissions to the player who has recharged his account.


Of all the types of bonuses offered by gambling houses on the Internet, the most pleasant type for any player is the so-called no-deposit bonus. What is this bonus? The no deposit bonuses are, speaking in silver, small, but nice gifts that the casino player receives just like that, without having to do anything (and, most importantly, without recharging his account in the online casino). Normally, the amount of this bonus is minimal (from 5 to 25 dollars), but can reach higher figures. It is very important to know beforehand the rules to receive this type of bonus, since they are not always really without deposit. Sometimes, to receive this bonus it is necessary to fulfill some condition (for example, to use a certain amount of time in a game, to win a specific sum, etc.).

The type of cash-back bonus (money back) can also be considered a deposit-free bonus. Of course, this healthy habit can be found in many online casinos. Its essence is that the player makes an initial deposit, but if you lose your income in the first 24 hours (or 48, depending on the casino), the gambling house returns your money.


The function of the online casino bonus policy is not simply to attract new players, but also to retain their regular customers. How is it done? Very simple: proposing to the players regular bonuses after a certain time. In many large online casinos there is such a variety of bonuses as monthly bonuses (weekly, in some cases). Thanks to this policy each customer of the online casino when reloading their account for the first time in the month also receives a certain amount as a bonus.

How to clarify between the large number of existing bonds offered by different online casinos? First of all, by choosing a casino according to your taste, you must necessarily read the rules as they talk about the casino's bonus policy. Find out what actions you can receive a bonus for and to what extent it is beneficial. Secondly, there is a large amount of internet site devoted to the examination of online casinos, and also to the examination of the bonuses. If you choose a casino paying attention precisely to the amount of specific bonuses and promotions, these sites should be for you the main source of useful information.

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