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2010 Cave Run Tournament Board  Details
1Jarid Dyal25756
2Michael Versland25436
3Aaron Arneson24966
4casey wrasse20508
5Steve Piper18229
6mike savacool15970
7Peter Piskorski14641
8Jake Heuer14611
9marvin schulz12690
10Tom Huber12631

All Time Ranks
1Michael Versland25786
2Jarid Dyal25756
3Aaron Arneson24966
4Steve Piper23424
5Barry Miller21730
6casey wrasse20508
7Jason Koch18696
8Mia Versland18694
9hank hill18635
10ryon lewellen18445

Fish These Lakes!

Experience the first ever Internet Musky Fishing Game! Test your knowledge of Musky Fishing and score points by locating muskies on some of the hottest musky water in North America, and getting them to follow and strike! 

The 2010 Cave Run Tournament has completed!
Thanks to our sponsor: Morehead Tourism!

Click Here for Instructions

Click Here to See a Demo

Not your typical Video Game...
This game is all about understanding the elusive Musky. The better you interpret the lake, the weather conditions, and the time of year, the more fish you’ll catch. The more follows you get, and the more fish you catch, the more points you’ll score. The top ten fishermen are shown on the real time Leader Board.

Playing The Game...
Playing the game is easy. Just register as a player, choose your experience level and select which lake you want to fish. From there, you’ll find yourself in your own Ranger at the boat landing, with a tackle box full of quality lures, ready to go. The higher your experience level, the tougher the game is, but the better your potential for points.

The Big Bonus...
Oh Yeah, and the big bonus… these are real lakes, with real fish behaviors, so what you learn in the game directly applies to your time actually on the water.


Copyright 2008 Jeff Lang, All Rights Reserved
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