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Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Blackjack is a particular variant of Blackjack offered by some online casinos where you can play with real and fascinating dealers connected live via webcam. All Blackjack is undoubtedly the only one that can make you live the emotion of play like in a real casino.

Rules of Blackjack Live Dealer

The rules remain the classic ones as well as the goal of the game that is always to make a score higher than the bench and at the same time does not exceed 21. The difference is only that there will not be a computer to manage the game but a real croupier.The Blackjack Live Dealer is usually played with eight decks of cards. The deck is not shuffled until you reach the "split card", a white card inserted roughly in the middle of the deck at the time of mixing. At this point the dealer informs that the cards will be replaced in the next hand.

Live Blackjack in Online Casinos

After signing up for the online casino you have chosen and making a deposit (for which you could also get a bonus), to play Blackjack Live, all you have to do is go to the Card Games or Casino Live section of the casino. Once you get to the live Blackjack page, you will have several tables to choose from with different betting limits and croupiers. You will find specified if the croupier speaks in Italian or if in English.

Most of the time the game will start directly in the browser window and you will not have to download any programs. Unless otherwise specified, it will run smoothly on Windows and Linux PCs, and on Apple Macs. All you need is a computer that is not too old and a good connection to play and you will not need an activated webcam because you will only see the croupier and not the other way around. In some cases it might be available Blackjack Live for Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets and iPad. Check out the section dedicated to the best live Blackjack casinos which they offer.

Once connected to the table you have chosen you will find a game window basically divided into three panels. At the center of the screen is the main window where you will see the gaming table and the croupier connected via webcam. If you click on the button in the upper left corner of the panel you can hide the video and follow the game with digital graphics. You can still reactivate the video when you want by pressing the same button. In the upper right corner, instead, you find a button that lets you view the game in full screen, and you can return to the reduced screen by pressing the "simple screen" button.

Both on the right and left of the video window you will find some panels that indicate information about the game. In the chat panel you can write messages that will be displayed by the other players and the dealer. You can use the chat only if you are an active player and have a balance of more than zero. In the left panel you can view the history of the cards issued both to you and to the dealer.

The moment you access the game, it is possible that you will find a game already in progress and then you will have to wait until the lap ends before you can play. When you sit down at a live Blackjack table, you are automatically assigned a seat. If you want to change places you have to wait for the end of the lap and then click on the Change place button. The game areas where the seats are free will be highlighted, and then simply click on one of the "free areas" to sit down at that particular place.

To start playing you have to click on the chips of the chosen value and place them in the betting area. If you wish, you can bet chips even for side bets, "Perfect player pair" and "Perfect bank pair" that we will explain shortly. Each click with the left mouse button increases the bet value of the selected chips, while each click with the right button removes the chips already placed. Your main bet will be visible to all the other players as you can see those of the others but if you wish to deactivate this function, simply open the options menu and select the "Hide my blackjack bets" check box. In this way the others will not be able to see your bets but you too will not be able to see the bets of the others.

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